5th grade transition

May 18th               Principal will visit 5th grade classrooms.

May 23rd              6th grade Parent Orientation at the Middle School

*This will be an opportunity for 5th grade parents to visit the middle school at 6pm.

June 5, 6 and 8    6th grade teachers will visit 5th grade classrooms.

June 13 & 14        5th grade students will visit the middle school.

*Tours conducted by LMS students, peer panel, principal and support staff will meet with students.

June 19th              LMS social worker and behavior specialist will meet with Martin Road social worker.

June 20th             LMS guidance counselor, social worker, 6th grade teachers will meet with Martin Road staff.

August 29th          LMS Supply Day

Building will be open for students to bring in supplies, try out locker combinations, and walk their schedules from 10am to 2pm.

Spring Dance

Our Spring Dance is this Friday right after school.  It’s $5 for pizza, a drink and the dance. All students must have transportation home. The dress code does apply.

We can’t wait to see everyone here!


Principal Chat & Snack

You are invited to our next Chat & Snack on March 22nd at 6pm in the middle school cafeteria.

It’s a great chance to learn about what’s happening at the middle school and to have your questions answered.  Our assistant principal Mr Barrett will be there. Come and say hello!



Parent Teacher Conferences

This year of our parent teacher conferences will be held on November 23rd from 11:30am – 2:30pm.  Guidance counselors or teachers will be calling parents to set up times. You can also call the guidance office or send an email to set up a conference: mchini@lackawannaschools.org, ahoch@lackawannaschools.org

All specials teachers: PE, keyboarding, home & careers, technology, health, etc. will be in the middle school cafeteria.  Please feel free to stop in and see your child’s specials teacher. No appointment needed.



Water testing…


I’d like to offer a point of clarification in the results of water testing that were just released.  As stated in the letter from the district, there is a water source in the middle that tested above the allowable level for lead.  This water source is a sink in one of the middle school student bathrooms.  It is a sink that was used for hand washing and was not utilized as a source for drinking water. The water is shut off to that sink and students are not able to in any way access water from that source.

Please know that we value your child’s safety.  Give me a call in the main office if you are in need of additional information.

Thank you,